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Find the meaning, purpose, and

restorative practices you've been seeking.  

I'm a Spiritual Director. I help people find meaning, purpose, and restorative practices.  Together we'll find ways to enrich and deepen your spiritual life.

I love the contemplative life and I’m amazed at the depth of the human spirit. For over 12 years, I have accompanied people on their spiritual journeys as a chaplain, parish minister, and spiritual director. 

I grew up Roman Catholic and have been a Unitarian Universalist since 2003. I became an ordained minister in 2007. 

About Me

My Services

Individual Spiritual Direction


Deepen your relationship with yourself, others, God/dess, and the world around you. We'll work together to help you find meaning, purpose, and restorative practices that will allow you to live more intentionally, wholeheartedly, and holistically.   We will meet in person or via video call for 1 hour every 4-6 weeks. Topics we might cover include:

  • Your spiritual/religious life

  • Your deepest beliefs & values

  • Your search for meaning

  • Your life’s path: past, present, & future

  • God/dess, Spirit, Source, Ultimate Reality, Truth

  • Self-renewal

  • Your Restorative Practices

  • Sacred Texts, Poetry, Music, and Art

  • Theology and Philosophy

Retreats and Workshops

$250 - $5000 

I offer group programs on various topics. I can customize a program to suit your interests, schedule, and budget. Whether you are looking for a sermon/worship service, a workshop, a retreat, or other type of program, I can work with you to design the best program for your needs. Occasionally, I offer these as online webinars and classes. Some of my program topics include:

  • The Spirituality of Friendship

  • Living with Cancer

  • Firewalking: The Spiritual Practice of Mission Focussed Leadership

  • Finding Your Own Restorative Practice

  • White Liberal: An introduction to White Privilege, White Fragility, & White Supremacy 

  • Time Out: The Spirituality of Rest & Sabbath

  • Holy Words: Sacred and Secular Texts

Let's Talk
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