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About Spiritual Direction

Why Spiritual Direction?
  • A desire to live a more spiritual life

  • To find or nurture a restorative practice such as prayer, meditation, yoga, dance, art, walking, journaling, and other activities

  • To explore a relationship to a past or present religion

  • To seek a theology or philosophy that fits your life, identity, experience, and world view

Who Is It For?

Everyone. - Christians, Jews, Muslims,Buddhists, Pagans, Unitarian Universalists, Humanists, the Spiritual but not Religious, Agnostics, Atheists. and anyone else.

What is it like?

We sit and talk.  I listen and help you reflect on your spiritual/religious life, your deepest beliefs and values, your search for meaning, your life’s path: past, present, & future, your relationship with God/dess (Spirit, Source, Ultimate Reality, Truth, The Universe), sacred texts, secular inspirational texts such as poetry, theology and philosophy.  I'll help you find and use restorative/spiritual practices.


Focus on the Human Spirit

A session may look like counseling or coaching but it isn't.  I am not a therapist and I don't diagnose or treat mental illness. The focus is on the spiritual aspects of life.  I don't really "direct" you as much as accompany you.  I'm a traveling companion. I don't try to preach or convert you to anything. I promote no religious doctrine. Nor do I judge your particular path and beliefs. 

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