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Each of my programs can be formatted to fit your schedule and budget. I am happy to bring any of these to your faith community as a sermon and worship experience. I  also offer each of them as a 2 hour workshop or as retreat lasting 1 day, 2 days, or even 3 days.  


$250   - Sermon/Worship Service 

$500   - Workshop 

$1500 - One Day Retreat

$2500 - Two Day Retreat

$5000- Three Day Retreat

  • Firewalking - How to live life on fire, with a passion and a mission. Like a firewalker who doesn't feel the flame, how can we live passionately for ourselves and our cause(s) without burning out? A focus on the tools of spiritual leadership.

  • The Spiritual Practice of Friendship - Using the Celtic concept of the Anam Cara (Soul Friend) we explore friendship as a spiritual and restorative practice.

  • Living with Cancer - An exploration of how the spirit deals with cancer. This program is for patients and/or caregivers.

  • Finding Your Restorative Practice - An exploration of  how  a regular, intentional, restorative practice provides grounding and discipline not only for your spiritual life but for your life in general.  We explore various practices.

  • White Liberal - An introduction to the concepts of white privilege, white Supremacy culture, and racism. This session is for  white people. A space for white people to explore, confront, and contemplate how these things affect one's spirit.

  • Time Out: Spirituality of Rest and the practice of Sabbath -  We find the practice of time out in many religious traditions from zen meditation to the Muslim call to prayer, to the Jewish practice of an entire day dedicated solely to the spirit.

  • Scriptures: Sacred and Secular Texts - Deep intentional reflection on a text can open our hearts and provide moments of clarity and enlightenment.

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